Image Gallery…

Welcome, If you’ve found this are more than likely looking for a comprehensive collection of my drawings, comics, and other artwork.  Well, if you are…you’re on the right track.

There are two ways in which to view my collection.

Through WordPress:

By adding to a specific gallery each time I post, I can keep an updated photo book of my artwork here on WordPress.  While I’m sitll working on a way for this to happen automatically, pictures and drawings will make their way to the gallery in a timely manner.

Each picture will link to a filmstrip where you can see each picture in full screen.   However, as the sheer number of pictures grows…I’m not sure if load times will always be fast and reliable.

Click Here to visit the WordPress gallery; or click the emblem below.

Through Flickr…

A service I have been using for a while is Flickr.  The site was easy to use, and displayed each of my comics with ease.  During my time at another blogging service, I was able for each picture to post automatically to the site.  Soon the library grew too extensive to simply forget about.

However, time between updates to the site can be lengthy.  Content in this gallery might not be as up-to-date as the other.

If you use Flickr yourselves or would like to see more about my photos, be sure to check them out Here; or by clicking the emblem below.

~Kurtis the Red

(Let no one stand in your way, if you allow others to block the path to your goals…you deserve to fail)