About the Comics…

When I started drawing, I had no idea that a simple hobby would grow into something as big as this. From a pair of eyes and hair from a corner of a worksheet to a full comic strip series, I would have never guessed that.  Nevertheless, here we are, and the time has come for a more detailed and intricate view at the comics, and the series that they make up.

Believe it or not, it was many years before I started to create comics.  As I’ve outlined elsewhere in the About pages, I drew random things first then transitioned to cartoons my last few years of High School.  After Leroy and Lex’s inception and creation, I spent many years just drawing the two of them.  Trust me when I say, I spent a LOT of time drawing them.

So much so, that friends and family started to take notice.  My older brother, who always likes to comment on things he finds strange, mentioned my “addiction” to my doodles and made the side comment that I should create a comic strip.  Honestly, the idea hadn’t really occurred to me, however it did light a spark of interest in the back part of my brain.

I kept that spark hidden away for a little while, until a couple months later when a turning point came along. A friend of mine held out a helping hand when I was down on my luck.  He offered me an opportunity to create and publish as a cartoonist at the newspaper. This was the first time I was going to be paid for my art, and it brought out that spark and fanned it into a flame.

Thus, “The Collegiate Exploits of Lex and Leroy” was launched.  I worked there for two semesters, where I created and published a weekly comic strip for the Michigan Times, the school newspaper where I attended college.

The Collegiate Exploits is my longest and largest of my comic strip series.  In this series, Lex and Leroy, along with the extended cast, live everyday lives of college students at a University.  With each appearance in the series, both Lex and Leroy find themselves in a verity of ‘unfortunate’ situations.  These situations are a parody of the established stereotypes that surround the college-age student; such as being sleep-deprived, reckless, or over-caffeinated.  If you want to know more about the Collegiate Exploits; Click Here.

As I worked on my comics at the newspaper, and after my first few iterations of the Collegiate Exploits, my style and tone started to cement and become more finite.  I went to my audience for feedback and tried my best to refine and polish my comics into something worthwhile. In spite of those facts, I still wanted to push the boundaries of what I could do.

So, with a combination of a few less than appealing lifestyle choices and an overabundance of caffeine, I set out to creating my next series of comics.  The Animated Adventures.

“The Animated Adventures of Lex and Leroy” was a chance to let all my fantastical ideas come to life.  Under this new title, and in this new comic book world, the rules of the everyday no longer applied.  If I wanted Lex and Leroy to fly, or turn invisible, or manipulate energy, it was all possible in the Animated Adventures.

Even though I didn’t realize it at the time, the Animated Adventures would turn out to be one of my most challenging projects.  For the first time, my doodles started to move.  If a character jumped in one frame, it had to look like he was landing in the next.  A whole realm of implied movement and motions was introduced.  Even the simplest things, like the bending of knees, turned out to be a great step forward for my comics.  Click Here to learn more.

Lastly, we have my newest addition to my line of comic strip series.  “The Masked Meanderings of Lex and Leroy” was probably te quickest to become a stand-alone series; and to be honest, I should have seen it coming.  In standard terms, I first try a few single frames to see if the idea sticks.  For the Masked Meanderings, all it took was a single Batman frame, and a Spider-man draft to get me hooked.

Inside the Masked Meanderings, Lex and Leroy, and the extended cast are re-imagined into masked and caped superheroes.  Staples like Batman, Superman, and Spider-man now can be Doodle-fied into my comics.  While I try to stay away from infringing too much on the established characters, an adaptation of Super Heroes was almost inevitable.  With the Avengers, DC’s upcoming blockbuster hits, and super hero TV shows…well, I guess I simply jumped on the bandwagon with everyone else.  To know more, Click Here.

Between the longest running Collegiate Exploits, to the newest Masked Meanderings, even to the fantastical and granted sometimes-whimsical Animated Adventures, my comics are growing ever more diverse by the day.  And, things don’t stop here.  Besides the comics, there are plenty of other projects I’m working on, including a graphic novel and children’s book. But for right now, lets just focus on comics.  My name is Kurtis the Red, and this has been about the Comics…

(Let no one stand in your way, if you allow others to block the path to your goals…you deserve to fail)

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