About Lex and Leroy…

By now, even if you’re new to my little corner of the web, you’ve seen my cartoon characters Lex and Leroy. The Following will be dedicated to them.  This page will be about Lex and Leroy; about how they got here, who they are, and most importantly what they mean to me.

To be honest, It’s hard to imagine myself with the pair of them in my live.  It’s been so long since I’ve started to draw them that I’ve almost forgotten how they came to be.  But still, everyone has a beginning…even if that beginning is even now starting to fade away into memory.

For Leroy, things began in high school.  I can’t remember when the spark specifically hit me to create characters, but I was always drawing.  Even my close friends noticed that I was always drawing and doodling on my notes, books, and everything else.  Back then, the things I drew were mostly Scenery, or designs including the bored spiral and radical designs.  I usually stuck to objects because, well, drawing people had always been hard for me.  They always ended up disproportionate and looking like aliens

It took me a little while but, after a few days of trail and error; Leroy, came into the world. At first, he looked like a square block with hair. But after a while, his eyes grew in size, his body grew more curved and the character as we know him toady came into being.  In his first initial appearances, Leroy always seemed to be getting into trouble. He played with bombs, threw switches that said ‘do not touch’, and always seemed to be in the shadow of something heavy dropping from the sky above.  It’s safe to say that he was a very unfortunate doodle man.

Once I got to college, my drawings grew ever more elaborate.  Eventually, I was drawing pictures than needed more than one character in order to make sense. So, the task then became finding a companion for Leroy. Leroy would be the unfortunate one, while this new character would be the cause of his misfortune.  Kind of like the opposite side of the same coin.  Once again, it took a couple tries, but ‘Lex’ eventually made his way to the page.

Things were fine with this set up for a while, but below the surface, my situation grew to a boiling point. I looked back, and there wasn’t a single page of notes, a single outline, or a notebook that didn’t have Leroy or Lex in/on it.  Wither they were getting into trouble, representing different periods in history, it didn’t matter; they were everywhere.  Eventually it was my brother who gave me the idea, “why not create a comic with your little characters?”  Work began immediately.

Now almost a decade later, Lex and Leroy are still with me.  They continue to grow as my skills do, they continue to make life entertaining, and serve as an outlet for many of the unfortunate exploits I have during my days.  I said at the beginning of this page, that it was hard to remember my life without the pair of them; well, now I can also say that it will be hard to envision my future without the pair of them in it. My name is Kurtis the Red and this has been about Lex & Leroy.

(Let no one stand in your way, if you allow others to block the path to your goals…you deserve to fail)

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