About Lewis and Leon…

With Lex and Leroy gaining popularity as being established characters in the comics.  I soon found myself experimenting with different characters.  Some of those characters have already been featured in the Den, while others have never made it past their initial creation.  However, this page will be dedicated to two characters that stand as unique additions to the cast of characters in the comics.  We will see our first guest doodle, Lewis, based on a friend of mine from school, and since the comics are primarily based on College Life, we see our favorite professor, Prof Leon.

As I’ve said before, each character I create, I try to infuse with a different identity and personality.  Of course, this goal became quite challenging once my cast of characters started to grow.  Who should I focus on next as a promising addition to the comics? What kind of personality would work well with the characters of Lex, Leroy, Linda and the others that have already been established as core characters?

As I pondered this question, I started looking at who I already had as characters.  I had Lex; the calm, cool, collected doodle that clashed with Leroy, who was impulsive, unfortunate and a bit disorganized.  Linda who was smart, sexy and had a magnetic-like persona, often found herself a center of attraction and frustration to the two male doodles.  However, it wasn’t until I realized I was drawing college students did I realize my step.  Drawing and creating a college professor, so to have a doodle to teach them all a thing or two.

So, I began work on the next character in my comics; Prof. Leon.  He was going to be an aged doodle, someone with the wisdom of years but still with the sense of humor of a college student.  But I soon ran into trouble at the conception stage.  How was I going to show age with the art style of my doodles?  Although a bit of a challenge, I think Leon made it to the page in a fairly well manner.  Plus, I’m sure a friend of mine will appreciate the reading glasses.  Although I’m not sure if she even reads this blog.

In addition to Prof. Leon, I created a number of other characters.  One of the more memorable ones, also has one of the more memorable origin stories.  The doodle I’m talking about is Lewis.

Lewis’ original concept came out of a caricature that was acquisitioned by one of my friends.  While I wont mention the friend by name, anyone who knows him will undoubtedly recognize him I hope.   The reason why his origin is so memorable because, he was originally drawn next to another caricature of another one of our friends.  He asked if the two of them could be in a comic together, and I was all too happy to oblige.  I drew the original design for Lewis right next to a doodle based on a Furby…yes a Furby (the owl-like creature with plastic eyes…remember them?).  Yes, we had a friend nicknamed Furby.  That’s another story for another time, but perhaps I’ll feature that picture later, if the mood strikes me.

In any case, the person for the inspiration for Lewis was a main supporter of my comics making it into the school newspaper.  Without his support, I doubt any of this would exist today.  It would have taken me a lot longer to create such a library of comics and other works.  Working at the paper fueled a fire that was just beginning to flame.

While these characters may not have the face-time that Lex and Leroy get these days, every star wouldn’t be the star without their supporting cast.  That’s where Leon and Lewis rise to the occasion.  My name is Kurtis the Red, and this has been about Prof. Leon and Lewis…

(Let no one stand in your way, if you allow others to block the path to your goals…you deserve to fail)

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