About The Characters…

As a visitor to my blog, if you find yourself here, you must be looking to find out more about the characters you’ve seen around this blog.  Well, let me tell you that you’ve found the right place.  For the purposes of this page, I will be focusing on the characters of my comics.  I’ve realized recently that I have many different characters that I have created along the way.  Each has a different and unique story that drives them forward and sets them apart. If you like to know more about specific characters you have seen in the blog; visit the links under ‘About the Characters’ for more in-depth views of the different characters.

Story for me, always starts and ends with character.  It is a character that the readers/viewer interacts with or chooses to encourage or believe in. A reader/viewer can even watch as the character changes and becomes something, or someone, else. So, every time I set out to create something, whether it be a piece of writing, a cartoon, or anything else I have yet to try… I have always started out with a character.

However, creating a character is a lot like meeting someone completely new for the first time.  You know their name and their hair color…but not much else.  It isn’t till much later when you really start to get to know them.  This was how it was for two of my favorite doodles; the doodle duo of Lex and Leroy.

Lex and Leroy have been with me the longest out of all my characters, and without whom, my comics would not be what they are today.  There are the main characters of both the Collegiate Exploits and Animated Adventures comic series as well as main characters of many of my single frames as well. They are both near and dear to my heart, and If you would like to know more about them, check them out Here.

After a few years, while Lex and Leroy gained momentum and popularity, a huge creative blast was lingering on the horizon.  To this day, I don’t know what caused this big bang of creativity…but out of the smoke came a cascade of different characters and interesting ideas.  Many of these ideas were turned into various projects, of which, many are still uncompleted unfortunately.  Still, there were others that were more straightforward and evolved into an entirely new cast of characters for the comic series.

These supporting characters were each unique in their own right, and attempted to fill and round out my cast of characters.  A couple of examples or these supporting characters are Linda and Levi.  The smart and sexy Linda and the abrasive, doodle punk Levi both made it to the page because of this explosion of ideas.  To learn more about how each of them made their way to the page, check them out Here.

What I realized soon enough was that once I had started creating characters, I had opened Pandora’s Box.  I now realized I had the possibility to expand my comic universe.  Believe me when I say, I took advantage of that possibility.  As I’ve said before, characters started making their way to the page.  But only a few stood out, enough so that I wanted to draw these characters again.  A couple of these characters were the sports guy Lewis, and Professor Leon.   These characters fit into more specific roles within the comics and each added to a cast of characters I could be proud of.Check them out Here.

As you can see, I love creating characters and each has a story and a background.  However, this isn’t the end for the characters of my comics or otherwise.  I will always try to deepen each character as I grow as an artist, as well as find other characters to tell my story.  Be sure to check out each character’s bio pages as well as check back to see how the blog is progressing. My name is Kurtis the Red, and this has been about the Characters…

(Let no one stand in your way, if you allow others to block the path to your goals…you deserve to fail)

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