Goodbye to Centrino…

Well, the day has finally come.  A few days ago, one fateful morning…everything was going to plan.  Smash the alarm clock, shower, coffee…but then I began checking my mail and social media…then my computer died.

Don’t try to console me. I have already made peace with my good friend’s passing.  I only wish it could have departed this world in a manner that equaled the splendor that was its existence.  Instead of fiery explosions, spectacular scattering of circuits and components…instead of an ending that was fitting to such a fantastic piece of hardware, all that happened was the utter of a single sound and then it died.

My laptop, nicknamed Centrino, has been my confidant for just over 7 years. It has listened to my woes, my anger, my trials and tribulations.  It has logged my thoughts and provided me hours, weeks, if not months of entertainment.  It has helped me create, helped me to build everything you see here.  I will miss you dearly.

As I now write this eulogy from a computer on my school campus, I must tell you all, blog posts will be coming at a much slower pace; At least for a few weeks.  My scanner must be relocated, and all my editing now needs to be done away from home, which will be inconvenient.

Seven years, Centrino…You lasted Seven years. That’s like 150 in tech years…or I may be off on my calculations.  I will always remember you, and I’m keeping your disk drive.

~Kurtis the Red

(This song’s for you, Centrino)

Leroy Trumpet Revised

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