Comic Strip Sundays: Star Wars Edition

All this week, I’ve been posting some of my favorite single frames from days past, drawings that were held back to create more dramatic tension when they were finally released. The only problem was, I forgot that I was keeping these illustrations in reserve…and I simply never got around to it.

The following comic was created during a real upswing in my comic career.  During this time, both my creativity and skill rose drastically, and helped evolve my favorite pastime to what it has become today.

Tentatively  titled, “Jedi Fight”, This comic strip is one of my very favorites,  and remains to this day, the poster-child of the entire ‘Animated Adventures’ series of comics. This fact goes double when considering the six-frame format.  Originally published in The Michigan Times, This comic strip was one of my last submissions during my tenure there.

For your viewing pleasure, enjoy.  Be sure to Like, Comment, or Subscribe if you feel so inclined.

~Kurtis the Red

Jedi Fight

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