The Home Stretch…

The final month of 2013 has started.  Novem-beard has come and gone, which means I can finally shave my face…(Although, I’ve grown quite attached to the warmth along my chin line).  I didn’t even attempt Novel Writing Month this year, so I’m glad I don’t have that hanging over my head.  Plus, I’m coming back from Thanksgiving break…which means I should be fresh and ready for action, well at least in theory.

In truth, I don’t feel all that ecstatic to return to the doldrums of everyday academia.   When I think of what’s ahead I get chills instead of spikes of excitement.  But no matter what my personal feelings on the matter may be, time will continue to press on despite my malcontent.  Which means, spoken in a less formal manner, I have less than two weeks to get my act together.

This is the Home Stretch, the Red Zone, the rising action if you prefer a literary analogy.  This is the time where the goal is in sight, and all that is needed is a little more push to cross the finish line, to score a run, a touchdown.  What comes next is the climax of the story, whether for good or for bad…this next month will more than likely dictate the course of my life.

Which leads me to probably one of the more profound thoughts I’ve had in recent memory:

“The worst part about being on the Home Stretch is wondering, ‘Does the Catcher have the ball?’”

~Kurtis the Red

Lex and Leroy Nickle 2

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