Finding the perfect time…

When I first started this blog, over a year ago now, I wanted to start things off easy.  What actually happened was pretty much the exact opposite,  but the original plan was to start from the bottom and layer together my oldest and newest content.

I planned to get as much attention as I could, carve out a little space to grow.  Then I would bring out some of my creations that I’m most proud of, and show it off to the world.  But that plan, much like the first, was swept away by the randomness that is life.  Now, almost a year later…I realize that I never got back to the middle ground between the old and the new.  There are some cartoons that simply got lost in the shuffle and was never posted, which is ironic, cause these are some of the drawings I wanted to post the most.

During the early days, I figured these drawings needed a bit more pomp and circumstance than simply being tossed in regular blog posting rotations. However, nowadays I really don’t have time to create the circumstance I think these illustrations/comics/drawings deserve…but I really want to show them off.  So, over the next few weeks (or next few days),  I plan to bring these gems out of storage and display them on my blog.

To get started here is one from a long time ago…I can’t believe it hasn’t been posted yet.

~Kurtis the Red

Lex and Leroy Jedi Fight 2


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