A Decent into Academia…

To start with, let me tell you how great it feels to write something that simply does not have to adhere to any rules or structure.  I just finished the last assignment in a slew of second-week introduction papers that has left me irritable and physically handicapped.

But lets back things up a bit, It’s been a while since I’ve blogged…so let’s catch you all up with what’s been going on. Hopefully, by the end (if any of you make it there), you can get a better sense of why I’ve had a prolonged absence from my blog sites.

may_nitwittery05            Since the start of September, I have slowly worked my way back into being a student at the University of Michigan – Flint.  And when I say slowly, I mean like navigating a room full of mousetraps slow.  “Watch where you step and make sure there’s no mistakes.”  Anyways, if returning to a field of higher learning after a semester leave wasn’t hard enough, I was now battling a change in my schedule so severe, well it gives me chills even bringing it up.

Between large amounts of caffeine, seemingly endless streams of forms and paperwork, abundant use of ibuprofen, and a hell-or-high water attitude… I was doing okay.  I was managing.  That was until the start of this week.

What I thought was being help up with super glue turned out to be held together with scotch tape. What followed can be equated to a mad scramble for solid footing, and no sooner did I find a handhold, I was reminded of all the work I still had to do.  If someone else looked at my situation from an outside perspective, I’m sure they would see nothing that they couldn’t handle.  I’m sure if I were to regale them with my personal woes, all I would receive in return would be ridicule and an overall “tough-luck” attitude.

They might be right, but let’s consider I’m severely out of practice when it comes to higher cognitive function, let alone skills in personal motivation.  Despite all of this, I worked my figurative ass off!  And, as you might have guessed, I just finished the last of my assignments, at least for a while.

As I take stock of my situation: I have a massive headache, I’m running on 4 hours of sleep, I’m pretty sure I have carpel tunnel, and my room has slowly accumulated a thin layer of school supplies that are F***ing everywhere!  Plus, I’m taking the time to write a overly long blog post about my descent in academia…I mean madness. Which alone speaks volumes of my current psychological state.

*Takes a moment to rub pressure out of temples*question man

Those of you who have visited this blog before, you know I really enjoy posting here.  I love being able to share my creative works with you all and I sorely wish to return in force.  However, for the foreseeable future, dedication to blogging will be a virtual impossibility. I will continue to try to post here whenever I can, but be warned…If I do post here, many of the blogs will be full of sleep-deprived rants and overly eloquent uses of an extensive vocabulary I’ve recently dug out of the most dust-covered parts of my brain.

If there is one thing that is a positive out of all this, I don’t think my ability in writing has ever been this fluent.

Stay tuned, and I hope to see you all again. For now, If you like what you have read (again, congratulations if you made it this far) be sure to like at the bottom of the page, or comment if you have questions, words of encouragement, or just want to say ‘hi’.  All feedback is appreciated.

~Kurtis the Red

(I had a nightmare I was late for school, then I woke up and was late for school = Inception)


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