Finding Something to talk about…

writers-blockI must have started and restarted this post about five times now.  Whether the trail of thought was boring, led off track, or was downright depressing…none of them ever passed a second read-through.  It’s ironic that I can’t even finish a blog post, when the main subject is about having difficulty writing about myself.

Without swimming too deep into eloquence or thought provoking prose, I’ll just state things simply.  Over the summer, I’ve had trouble writing.  Well, I should say to this very day, I’ve had trouble writing.  Every time I sat down to write a post, or even a Facebook status, nothing of any value came from the creative half of my brain.

The only reason I’ve gotten this far into this post, is by sheer force of will.  Imagine trying to get a rusted, beat-up lawnmower to start…sometimes you just need to kick it, beat on it, and force the gears to turn before they move on their own.

However, getting started is only half my problem.  Even if I had the drive to write, the trick is finding something that people will actually want to read.  Without going into too much detail, not a lot in my current state of affairs is worth talking about.  And even if it was, why subjugate a reader to the qualms and missteps of my very uninspired existence. A pessimistic view to be sure, but I never claimed to be any sort of optimist.

I titled this post, ‘Finding something to talk about’, because when I opened Word to start writing, I didn’t have a topic in mind.  All I knew is that I needed to write something…I needed to do something to get the creative juices flowing again.  The sad part is that I still don’t feel that drive yet.  I don’t feel like I used to, and this is a huge problem.  Especially, for what lies ahead in the coming months.

For now, I suppose this is a start.  It’s not perfect, heck, I don’t know if it’s even worth reading.  But, I guess we’re going to start from the bottom.  Hopefully, I can build from here and get back above ground.

~Kurtis the Red

(I.O.U. ~ one (1) witty ending quote)


2 thoughts on “Finding Something to talk about…

  1. I have a similar thought process. What to write about? What would people like? I haven’t done much writing at all since Nano of last year. Still working on it. My thoughts on this is to write what you like first. Write what you want to read. Just an opinion.

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