Comic Strip Sundays…the Return…

Okay, so I totally forgot today was Sunday.  In any case, I promised you all a Strip show and you are all going to get one.

This week, I’ll premier  a comic I finished not too long ago.  It was near the end of last year and I had one of those mornings.  You know, you’re not feeling all that well…headache…stuffed up…puffy eyes…that early feeling like you know you’re sick.  Anyways, my alarm clock didn’t realize my mood was so crappy that morning, and well, lets just say things didn’t end well.

So, I created this comic in response to that.  I hope you all enjoy.

The title of this comic is, “Alarm Clock”, an as-of-yet unpublished comic strip of my own creation.  ‘Alarm Clock’ was one of those creations that just sprang into being, besides the effort to put the idea down to paper, this was an easy one.

As always, be sure to like, comment, or subscribe if the mood takes you.  And remember, I cherish each and every one of you that like/comment on my posts.  Because of you guys, it’s all worth it.


~Kurtis the Red

Alarm Clock


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