Lex in the Spotlight…

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about showing some of my secondary characters some much-needed love.  Well, today I make good on that promise (at least in part).  After that post was published, I set to work on some single frames that focused on my supporting characters.  What I ended up with was two single frames for two supporting characters, the first of which I’ll show you today.

Now, for those of you who remember…a long time ago, back when this blog just started out.  Many of my posts were accompanied by single frames from a musical series.  This series featured Leroy playing a multitude of different instruments.  My hope was to put all of these frames together into a mural of sorts, but that idea never came to fruition.  However, what I ended up with was some awesome single frames.

This is the series I now add to with Lex taking center stage.  While Leroy has played this instrument first, I would like to think Lex does it with a little more style.

Lex Guitar 2

If you would like to see the other entries into the musical series, click the WordPress Gallery under the Image Galleries drop-down list at the top of the page.  For Leroy playing the guitar check him out here.

~Kurtis the Red


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