Starting a New Adventure…Part 2…

What came next was a rapid flurry of actions.  Plane tickets needed to be bought, luggage needed to be packed, and sufficient funds needed to be found.  And let me just say, that financially this was a horrible decision.  However, hindsight is 20/20 and overall I think the trip was good for me.  But more of that later.

All of what I just outlined, and more, came together within a week.  To put things in perspective, I was going to be gone on this trip longer than it took to plan it.  But against all odds, on Thursday, February 7th I was on my way to the airport.  My departure went by without a hitch, unless you count a rather large snow storm; which delayed everything from airplanes to people going on their morning runs.  Either way,I was in the air Friday Morning.

Everything seemed to be going to plan, and the universe was helping us get there.  I heard somewhere, that when you follow your dreams…if it’s truly written in the stars, the universe will open up and show you the path.  I know I’m no expert at reading omens, but the very fact that everything worked perfectly let me know that this was the right thing to do.

For my next post, I’ll be writing about how this trip impacted me.  For these last two posts, I have been writing from a train as I slowly make my way back to the frosted north.  Since my trip isn’t yet over, I would like time to compile all my thoughts and write a little bit more cohesively from the comforts of home.

Until then, I look forward to your thoughts, likes, comments and maybe even subscribes if you haven’t done so already.

Till next time, have a happy Mardi Gras.

~Kurtis the Red.

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