Showing my supporting characters some TLC…

Ever since I started this whole drawing thing, I have been singularly focused on one character: Leroy.  For the longest time, every time I wanted to try something new, it was his style and personality I channeled into the illustration.  It wasn’t until the introduction of Lex and their interactions together did I really have someone else to draw and focus on.

However, even with Lex introduced into the mix, a newer character would quickly fall by the way side and never get the spotlight that shone on Leroy for all these years.  This proved even more true as I expanded my cast of characters.  Lex, Linda, Levi, Lewis and Prof. Leon have all played second fiddle to Leroy.  Well, I think its time for that all to change…at least for a little while.

Over the next week or so, I’m going to be primarily focusing on my supporting cast.  Leroy will get a break, and I will try to show my supporting cast some Tender Loving Care.  In addition, this will give me a chance to revisit some of my older single frame series, anyone remember the Music series?

So, without further ado, let me kick things off with the largest supporting character and the first to help Leroy on his way to full fledged comics.

Lex stares in his own adaptation of a single frame I premiered some months ago.  The original, which you can find Here, was created as a homage to my favorite anime series of my childhood, or even perhaps my adulthood as well.

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~ Kurtis the Red

(Details on my new Youtube channel are coming soon.  Look for game reviews, walk-throughs and perhaps a stop motion comic…if I can figure out how to do such a thing.)



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