Kurtis the Red and the hunt for the Wii U…Part 3…

I have now spent a multitude of hours playing on the Wii U.  DarkSiders 2 is amazing, Nintendo Land even more so.  Soon, once I’ve replenished my funds a bit, I’ll be getting Black Ops 2 with the Pro controller.  That particular game, I need to see how Nintendo Network handles the stress before I decide to buy.  Anyways, here’s the last part of my trilogy of posts about my Wii U launch night.  The epic conclusion, so to speak.  I hope you all enjoyed this short story, I know I did even while writing it. Here is Part three.

The official Wii U logo Español: Logo oficial ...

The official Wii U logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I walked through the doors into a very empty and quiet Best Buy, the situation was so different I could barely stand it.  Instead of bustles of people doing their daily shopping, or 20 different TV’s blasting the same movie, there was simply stillness throughout the store.

The sales clerk that pulled the midnight shift showed me to the side of the store.  There was a literally a gauntlet of Wii U next to the customer service station.  It felt like one of those lines you see in front of an Imax theatre or a roller coaster ride; those black, crowd controlling, belt stands made a walkway straight through to the checkout.  And on each side was all Wii U products.  All the accessories were there, Wii motes, nunchucks, protective covers for the Gamepad, all of them in highly polished boxes…all gleaming in that signature blue color.  They were followed closely by all the games for the Wii U launch.  Call of Duty, ZombieU, New Super Mario Bros. U, and so many others all with the same gleam and shine that only comes from never being touched by ungloved fingers before.

I felt like a kid in a candy store, but knew I only had a limited budget with witch to lay with.  I chose my poisons wisely and finally reached the counter.  This was when I was finally asked, “Do you want the Basic or the Deluxe?”  What? You mean you have both? There’s actually one I can purchase?  All my foolish questions aside, the Best Buy actually had ample supply of both the Deluxe and the Basic sets for everyone in line.  While I don’t know exactly what caused this particular store to have extra stock, in reality I couldn’t care less.  I had my Deluxe edition! I had found the Holy Grail.

But my adventure wasn’t over yet.  There was only what I can describe as formalities left to accomplish.  As the embargo to the Wii U, only lifted in the U.S. at 12:01 a.m. we couldn’t actually hold our systems or leave with them, until that time had passed.  A cruel 20 minutes, to be sure, but one that felt considerably lighter.  For one, my wallet was almost weightless at this point, but also because I no longer had to worry.  My final objective was completed all I was waiting for was the EVAC chopper to pick me up with my precious cargo.

Now here I am, home at last.  While the last bits of time spent awake was used un-boxing and setting up the system.  I now am spending much of this morning updating the software, reading the manuals, and writing blog posts to tell you all how my night went.

In short, I went on a journey.  I looked far and wide for the Holy Grail of a new Nintendo home video game console. There were many miles that were traveled, many castles that were plundered, all while fighting the cold and the economic systems that permeated the night.  Now, I sit at the edge of my seat…waiting to dive into a new experience with Nintendo.  And, as history has shown, the experiences with video games that have stuck with me the longest have been those with Nintendo.

<The End>

English: A NES console with the Super Mario Br...

Thank you all for reading, and if you like any of the three parts to this short story, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe away.

Thank you once again, and everyone have a Great Thanksgiving!

~Kurtis the Red


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