Halfway through November…

It’s November 15th.  It’s halfway through the month, and halfway through the many different things I planned on doing this month, or at least I wanted to do.  When this month started, I had grand plans on how I was going to spend the next thirty days.  With a combination of good friends, a re-dedication to writing, cartooning, all while focusing on classes…I was going to be Super Kurtis the Red. But as usual, you can probably guess how my month has really turned out.

The short version of the story boils down to; not well…not well at all.  I’m still behind in National Novel Writing Month, so far behind in fact that my situation is almost laughable.  Wreck-it Ralph has been in theaters for weeks, but still haven’t brought myself to give the film a review, or even try my hand at being a critic. There hasn’t even been that many hours spent on cartooning.  Many of the drawings this month have been cameos or single frames of  a ‘not-that-great’ production value.

However, even though this month has been a bust so far, there have been slight glimmers of good things that have happened too.  For one, the month of November is also known as ‘No Shave November’.  This month-long theme takes little to no effort, as all it calls for is not shaving till December.  In retrospect, this actually gives me more time in which to write…another dropped pass on that one.  Anyways, my beard so far has reached a level of super awesomeness that has rarely been seen near or around my face.

Usually, instead of a clean shave, I try to keep at least a light beard year round.  I find it defines the jaw line as well as gives me character.  So, while I might have had a little head start going into November, I still think my facial hair right now, is border lining  beard-tastic.

Still, there is one major point of this month that has yet to occur.  What I am implying to of course, is the launching of Nintendo’s new home video game console  the Wii U.  Coming up this Sunday @ 12:01 a.m. the Wii U will hit store shelves everywhere, if they aren’t all pre-ordered already.

The Wii U has already out-sold its predecessor, the Wii, in just pre-orders.  So, while I might not be able to purchase a Wii U on launch day, I’m not beneath beating old women to get to my hands on one.  Actually, this might be an actual possibility due to the casual gaming market in which the Wii made its success.

November is half over.  So far, it’s had its ups and downs for sure.  However, perhaps I simply need to look at the glass half-full, instead of half-empty.  There are still two weeks left until the 30th. Lots of time in which to write, or to waste, or simply to watch my beard grow, November could hold many different opportunities.

~Kurtis the Red

(Technically speaking, the glass is always full…one half is full of water, the other half is full of Air.)


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