PAUSE >> REWIND >> PLAY, “What the hell’d you just say!”…

A quick sketch I made a couple years back.
That moment when a good day becomes a bad one.

There are times that I wish I was better prepared for life.  It seems lately, that I am barely able to get things done on time.  It’s like I’m always running late.  I Wake up, get coffee, speed on my way to work so I’m not late,  I rush through those reports since they’re due by four o’clock, I get to the bank right before five to cash my check, I pay my bills right before they’re late, I cram for tests, I throw together assignments, I microwave my dinner, and I try to write a blog post everyday…at 11:59 pm….you get the point.

This got me thinking, and I tried to remember a time I was properly prepared for something I planned.  The sad part is, is that I really can’t remember a single time.  I suppose I could count going out to the movies, but even then, I had to rush to my seat just as the previews ended. So, why do I always seem to be catching up on work rather than simply working?  One possible answer is that I’m simply horrible at time management…(probably the more likely, lets be honest)…however, I think a little of the blame can be pointed at the types of lives we try to live in this crazy world.

In today’s age, everything is a race; a race for bigger wealth, more power, greater notoriety and fame.  We have to work more hours for less money, so we can afford the cars we use to drive to work and live in houses that stand empty all day long.  Stopping is simply frowned upon in this society.  For one, you’ll stand out from the crowd and that’s never good; and ‘god forbid’ if you block someone behind you for more than a split second.

Even slowing down is cause for accusation and bereavement,

How dare you stop and smell the roses! Don’t you have somewhere else to be? Oh, and by the way you owe me five dollars for loitering near my garden.”

Am I supposed to just accept that this might simply be the world we live in? Should I be trying to get used to this lifestyle and focus on succeeding?  In all reality, I don’t think I can, I’m frying my brain just trying to keep up with this world.  I’m sure if it were colder in here, steam would currently be issuing from my ears.

There are just sometimes I wish I could find where life hid the rewind button.  If not the rewind, at least the pause button.  Maybe I could find the whole remote.  Life is sure to have a digital recording service…there’s some parts of my life I wouldn’t mind re-visiting. But all that’s beside the point.

What I need is a vacation, a reset to 0, time to get my head straight. But I have no time for that, hopefully, my dreams will take me somewhere sunny and I can wake thinking I’ve spent a month in Cancun instead of just 6 hours on a lumpy mattress.

But, with my luck my dreams will more than likely take the shape of an average day in my life.  Then, when I wake up, I’ll realize I have to do all the same shit over again.

~Kurtis the Red


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