Blog Update: Week of Oct. 28th

Not a lot happened on the blog this week, with a loss of power, combined with an overall lack of free time, I’ve been otherwise led astray from my blogging habits…nevertheless, there are some notable posts this week you should check out, if you haven’t done so already.

Starting this week off, we had our weekly iteration of Comic Strip Sundays.  This week’s comic strip was titled, ‘Summer Football’, and featured the character of Lewis, in his strip debut.  To view the Comic strip, follow the link: Here

Although much of the week was spent huddled next to a fire, in the dark, reading a book, thankfully the lights came on in time for me to post a blog post Thursday night. This was soon followed by another post, my weekly attempt at free form thought, Friday Night Free Writes.

This week I focused on plans not panning out and time management, neither of which I consider myself any good at. To view my ramblings on the subjects, Click Here.

I hope to see you all tomorrow, when it will once again be time for a full comic strip to be posted.  In the meantime,I hope you all enjoy your time here in the Den.  If you like anything you see, be sure to leave a comment or subscribe.  Any support you can show for my blog or my artwork will be greatly appreciated.

~Kurtis the Red


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