Comic Strip Sundays…

Sunday. For many, a day of relaxation, reflection, and recuperation for the week to come.  For me, it is a day in which to post another full comic strip to the Den.  This week, we will see a comic featuring a doodle we really haven’t seen in a full strip yet.  For the first time, I would like to introduce Lewis and his first full comic strip.

This comic is titled, “Summer Football”, and was originally published in The Michigan Times, as part of the weekly strip.  As stated above, this strip features a new doodle, Lewis.  The comic falls back to my roots of slapstick comedy and incorporates many of the things I learned over the course of my employment at the paper.

I hope you all enjoy, and as always to Like/Comment/Subscribe if you feel so inclined.  Knowing that people out there enjoy what I’m doing makes it all worth it.

~Kurtis the Red

P.S. I put the finishing touches on my latest comic. Once my scanner is fixed, look for a sneak preview before the editing phase.


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