My Artistic Process…and how you can Help…

After my little political rant last night, I’m thinking the time is right for a little experiment focused around my artistic process.  But,  I’m going to need your help, my avid readers.  First, I’ll explain what I’m going to try this next week and most importantly, how you all can help.

Well, first things first...

I’ve been thinking over the past few days of jump-starting a series of posts centered around how I create my drawings and artwork.  This idea, originally came from a couple of different blogs I follow.

There were a few instances, on the blogs, where the author would post an image of an unfinished drawing right before the finished product.  What this showed me was not only the dramatic change from work-in-progress to final-draft, but it also me a little bit about how that particular artist works.

So, much like ideas do, what started out as a splinter in the back of my mind, began to fester until I could no longer ignore it.

How it will work…

I will take next week, the last week in October, and dedicate it to this experiment.  All of my themed days will still be posted as scheduled; this will simply take up the rest of the week.

Starting next Monday, I will taking a single drawing…preferably a single frame, and show you all how I take a blank page, and turn it into a living cartoon.  From creation to finished product you, my readers, will be able to see each step.

Now, don’t be discouraged; each stage will be accompanied by a detailed blog post about my process.  You will have to take my word for it, but if you like my About pages, you will definitely enjoy these posts.  Believe me when I say, I can already think of a few stages I would love to detail out for you all.

Why I need your help…

As you might suspect already, I can’t simply re-post the same drawing five days in a row.  Even with my detailed synapses of my artistic process along with them, many of my viewers only see the cartoon and don’t read much (if any) of my posts.

So, this is a chance for those of you who do reach this point, to have your input influence what you see on the Den for the next week.

In the comments section below, give your ideas for a single frame you would like to see.  This can include Lex, Leroy, Linda, any of my characters or none of them.  You can just say, “Draw me a Hippo!” if you so wish.  I will look at each suggestion and choose my favorite to feature all of next week.

I would urge each of you to put forth your ideas, or simply comment/like/subscribe. One more thing however, try to keep you suggestions clean. You all know what I mean

~Kurtis the Red



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