The First Rule of Fight Club…I Mean Politics…

I’ve never been a real fan of politics; and when I say politics, I mean that I’ve never been a fan of political races or elections.  I try my best to keep up with the latest news and legislation that passes and how that affects us.  All the same, I’ve never been someone who dials into political races or elections.

That being said, I’ve about had it up to here <insert hand measuring gesture> with political ads and debates these days! If it isn’t an advertisement about a political candidate, it’s a political advertisement about their parties, or specific proposals, or my favorite… ads about another ad about a political candidate. (If that’s confusing, well welcome to my world).

The worst part about all of this, is that the airtime spent on these political advertisements  doesn’t even tell us a single thing about the people who paid for it…for those 30-45 seconds, expect nothing more than reasons why NOT to vote for the other guy.  Forget about positive reinforcement, as far as I’ve learned from these ads… both political candidates are liars, cheaters, cowards, hypocrites, and not the right person for the job. (Oddly enough, that pretty much sums up many of the people in Washington right now!).

I’m not saying that the two men debating a few nights ago aren’t fit for the job.  They are both respectable leaders, and believe it or not, they both got to be leaders and elected officials.  So they are doing something right. I’m not saying that the political candidates don’t have promising and potentially course-changing legislation; because they do. It’s just buried under layers of muck and dirt they have dug up on each other.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m not a real fan of politics.  Even so, I attempted to keep in touch and watch the presidential election. So, I sat down, grabbed a beverage,  and tried to watch the debates. I told myself that, maybe this time it will be different, maybe this time I can actually learn something, instead of who between the two of them can argue better. But, I was proven wrong.

However, to many out there, this is what the debates are for.  To pressure the candidates into answering questions on the fly, about how they argue amongst themselves.  To many political junkies out there, the debates show how the candidates will handle themselves as President.  But, I’m that type of person.  I want to know more about what the candidates legislation is, how they plan to lead us out of the situations our country is experiencing.

Sadly, even after three debates, I’m still left wanting more about these plans and policies.

This whole situation is frustrating.  A presidential campaign today seems more like a choice between the lesser of two evils, rather than a choice of who can lead this country better.  It’s a sad truth, but a truth none the less.

Before I go, off to the inter-webs to seek out the political party and candidates presidential agendas, I would like to say one more thing.  Even when a candidate wins the election, it seems like all we do for the next four years is complain about how that person isn’t living up to expectations. Even though, at one time, he or she had the majority of the support from the people.

Is it too much to ask for a President that holds the faith of our country? To know deep down, that even if his policies are a bit unpopular, we should trust him to lead us in the right direction.  I took a class not too long ago.  A medieval literature class, where we studied ancient English texts like “Beowulf” and “The Epic of Gilgamesh”.  A single line stood out to me, “He was a good King.”

Is it too much to ask for a Good President?

~Kurtis the Red

P.S.  This is an opinion piece.  I used no other sources in the writing of this post, other than my own experiences and my own brain.  Anything said here are my thoughts only, and should be treated as such.  If anything you have read here has offended or upset you, you are probably more in touch with today’s politics than I am.  Try to abstain from nailing me, and my little blog, to the wall.  If you feel your pulse rise as you read this, have a drink and remember that this is just a blog.

P.S.S.  I know that this was a long one, but this topic has been pricking at the back of my brain for a while.  I promise not to do too many of these long-winded opinion style pieces.  However, if you like said long winded opinion style piece make sure to like/comment/subscribe below.  Even if you didn’t, say so below…so I won’t be tempted to do so again.

P.S.S.S  I wonder how many Post Scripts you can have…I’m thinking three may be pushing it.


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