Looking back to where it all began…

It’s almost here, 1 more day till the re-launch of Kurtis the Red’s Den….While I’m more psyched than ever for the new blog to launch, I’m still sad to see this part of the blog come to a close.  So, before everything changes tomorrow, I would like to make one final post to commemorate the blog as it was.

When I started this blog, it was an end to a search for a new platform from which to post.  I’ve blogged at other sites before, blogger being one, another being a site called Posterous, but each of them eventually reached a ceiling as to how far I could grow.  So, the search began for a new blogging site, and when I found WordPress, I decided to give it a try.

My first few days were a bit confusing…alright, truth be told, I was a little more than confused, I was down-right lost. However, it wasn’t long until I felt comfortable with all the different options and settings.  I found a theme, customized my look, and tried my hand at begin a daily-blogger.

When I first posted here, I wanted nothing more than to simply digitize and catalog my drawings and artwork online…so that others could view them as they wished.  But then, I got that first view, and I started to get comments, likes, and suddenly I had followers who felt my blog was one to watch.

So, I tried harder to be a better writer, a better cartoonist, and a I began to realize that I was having fun drawing.  While I realize that this is just a blog, I also realized I had a fan-base (however small it may be).  A dream began to form, a dream to be a professional cartoonist.

Now, with this post and the upcoming relaunch, I aim to take a shot at growing my comics, refining my characters, sharpening my writing, and getting noticed.  Maybe someday my dream can come true, to have a career in something that makes me happy.  A career doing something that I think is fun and makes people smile all across the digital world

(Someone once told me it’s good to have dreams, cause if you don’t…well, then you’re just sleeping.)

~Kurtis the Red


To make everything come together, here is the very first comic that I posted to this blog; Titled “I think introductions are in order”.

To see the full post, follow this Link.





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