Blog Update: Week of Oct 10th

Well, where to start…I honestly don’t really know.

Last week was one of the best ones I think, at least from a creative standpoint. I posted my best artwork, I tried for an even distribution throughout the days, and tried my best to keep my writing at a very high bar.  However, even though I accomplished all of these things.  My following has not changed much.

I realize now, that people don’t really care about my writing.  All they really want to see is my creative cartoons.  However, should I really complain about this fact? After all, isn’t that what this blog was originally supposed to be about? the promotion of my artwork?

*le sigh* It’s sad to say that I’m more than burnt out on obsessively checking my stats page. It seems now-a-days that, all I do is check my stats page…it’s even gotten to my top 8 most-visited pages on Google Chrome (for those of you who don’t know, That’s a bad thing). I wish more than ever to kick my addiction to the stats, but let’s face it, I’ll probably be back on the bandwagon more likely than not.

So, what does this say about the blog?  In my post last Saturday, I told you all I would have a blog-sphere changing decision included in this post.  So here goes.

Kurtis the Red’s Den will continue.  However, things will be changing.  With more people obviously favoring my artwork, and less worried about my writing, I will be searching for a more fitting theme for which to display them.  Over the next few days, If you visit the Den, you will more than likely find a variety of changes happening. However, that’s not all for the announcements.

With this new direction comes and new goal.  I want my blog to be published on Freshly Pressed.  After the official re-launch, I will be trying my best to get my blog up to the quality and notoriety that those featured on WordPress showcase.  This will not be easy, and will call for a more in-depth evaluation of my writing skills and knowledge base of what a blog actually is.  One such action is that I will be participating in exercises, and such, to help me along the way.

There’s some of you out there that might call this conforming, or whatever the new age hipsters are calling it these days.  But believe me when I say, “I want Lex and Leroy to succeed”, and the only way to do that is to get them out there for people to see them.  I have grown so much over the past few years, now I’m ready to take off and start a career.

~Kurtis the Red

(Nothing is sacred in this all-encompassing purge…If you like something on this blog, be sure to say so in the Comments section below.  Make sure that what you like most is still here after the re-launch.)


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