Comic Strip Sundays?…Why the Hell not…

This week’s comic continues and concludes the Holiday inspired strips for the time being.  As I’ve said before, during my time at The Michigan Times, the school newspaper at the University of Michigan – Flint campus, I created and published a few of these holiday themed comics.  With this comic have been posted the week of March 17th, the holidays were already over.

The comic you’ll see below is titled, “St. Patrick’s Day” and was one of the last few comics to be published by me in The Michigan Times.  Being part-Irish myself, I knew I wanted to create a comic to highlight the holiday, but also poke fun at all the people who “suddenly”  become Irish during St. Patty’s.

As, I stated yesterday, this will be my last posting till late this week.  I need time to gather everything that has happened over the last week and make some decisions about the future of the blog.  I hope all of you enjoyed this week’s comic strip Sunday and I’ll see you all later this week.

As always, be sure to Like, Comment and Subscribe away…

~Kurtis the Red

(Some say they have the Luck of the Irish, I seem to have no Luck what-so-ever… Well, Fuck)


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