A Shot of Adrenaline…

I love to write, I find it calming and it keeps my literary tools sharp, so to speak.  However, writing on a blog has the potential to be so much better than just writing alone.  Here on WordPress, and on this blog, I can have input on my literary thoughts, fan feedback on my cartoons and comics, and actual conversations with other bloggers in the community.  However, even with a regular posting schedule and the inclusion of my own brand of cartoons and artwork, readership and views have not grown like I’ve hoped.  This blog is dying, and what it needs right now is a shot of pure Adrenaline.

What I would like, more than anything, is to know that someone somewhere is reading these words.  It would give me a reason to be a better writer, a better artist, a better blogger to know that someone visits my blog and finds it interesting.  Better yet, would be to know that someone finds my blog interesting enough that it starts a dialog.

I know this might sound needy, but I need a reason to continue blogging.  If I continue the way I have been, I’m going to lose faith eventually.

When this post publishes on Saturday night, it will have capped off a week where I hope to have done everything I could to show my blog is one to watch.  I hope to have posted every day, and included a Friday Night Free Write leading up to this posting.  Last week, I wrote about MegaMan.  Tonight, I would like to show you what that post helped create, which is one of the single frames I’m most proud of.  I just think it emits an aura of pure awesomeness.

Tomorrow, as we move to Sunday, I will once again be posting a full comic.  However, this will be it for my posts until Wednesday, Oct 10th.  That day, I will once again be posting another Blog Update.  This update will be a little different.  Depending on how this week turns out, the update will either mark a revision and re-launch of the Den and hopefully to many more months of blogging; or, the update will summarize my time here at WordPress  but would otherwise mark the end of my blog.

As I said before, this blog needs a shot of adrenaline.  I hope to incite some excitement about this blog, about my artwork, about my words you see on the screen in front of you.  For those of you out there that are, hopefully, reading this…If you agree, If you like my blog, my posts or just me in general. Let me here you in the comments section below.

~Kurtis the Red

(I’ve been saving this drawing for a while, hoping that the picture alone would cause mass chaos.  Zero is one of the coolest characters I know in the MegaMan Universe.  Hopefully you like him too.)


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