Friday Night Free Writes are Back…

It feels good to be doing Friday Night Free Writes again. I got Pandora on, my mind free and clear…the only thing missing is a certain amber liquid that will not be mentioned by name.

Life is a competition…humankind are always comparing themselves to someone else.  I have more money than this person, I’m more in shape than this person, I’m more successful, I’m more experienced…it seems all I see now-a-days is competition.

Insurance companies are competing for the best rates.  The gas companies are each trying their best to keep my wallet empty.  I can’t even find a television show anymore that doesn’t have a panel of judges and a live audience critiquing a performance. That is of course, when all networks aren’t covering what equates to a dick-measuring contest between two political leaders. (I don’t like politics)  Ugh…sometimes I just want it all to stop

But I know this wont happen.  Even I if try my best to slow down and sit still for a while, the world will do what it does best.  Which is continue to spin despite my constant protests.  Time keeps flowing and the people will continue their ever-constant race to get to an end none of us can see.

All this wouldn’t be that bad if it weren’t for the people I see on a daily basis.  People in general have grown more and more vindictive, even as I have grown older.  It used to be considered common courtesy to hold a door open.  Nowadays, you better keep moving or you’re going to get in my way. “What? You didn’t think I could get the door myself?” “Out of the way!”

That is of course, when random people on the street aren’t looking for the best place on your back to stick their dagger. “Better not bat an eyelash at me, or I’ll sue you for everything you got!”  It’s hard to have faith in humanity when everyone seems to be out for themselves.

This all dawned on my during my commute this last Thursday, as I was stuck behind a sedan going five mph under the speed limit.  I was taken aback by how angry I was at this person, this person I didn’t even know, for making me just a few minutes behind my oh so precious schedule.

I felt ashamed at myself that day.  I felt sorry for a world that sets so much emphasis on the material things we own, instead of the quality of the person.

I know, that this all seems like a hypocritical statement of a misguided and clueless 20 something year old. And I know that not everyone in the world is the same.  I’m sure there are even good people still in the world that hold open doors for everyone.  So if this offended you, I’m sorry.

But every once and a while, you get smacked by the world around us.  It’s in those times that we are taken aback and start looking around us, and we see the world through different colored glasses, rather than the rosy ones we usually wear.

~Kurtis the Red

(It’s funny how all it takes for my to lose faith in humanity is the trending comments on Twitter and/or Youtube and/or Facebook)


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