New Challenger Approaching…

I’m just letting you all know, I plan to keep my word.  As promised, a more in-depth look at my comics and what they mean as individual series is on the way.

However, when I noticed I had written to what equates to two long pages, I realized that what I have written is much too long for the average blog browser to read.  Currently, I’m working on trimming it down, crunching the prose,  and re-writing bits of it.

So, I’ve taken a break, bought another beer and decided to leave you all this message to let you all  know (those of you who are actually our there)  that the post is indeed on its way.  It’s just taking me a bit longer to iron it all out, so its nice and neat when you all see it when it does come out.

I’m going to keep working on it, and see if I can indeed make it out tonight.  If not, I’ll be posting it along with Friday Night Free Writes tomorrow.

Stay Tuned for more

~Kurtis the Red

(We are currently, experiencing Technical Difficulties…that is difficulties handling technical situations.)


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