Blog Update: Week of Oct 3rd…

As my Calendar keeps reminding me, it is indeed Wednesday.  So, I think it’s time to give you all an update on what’s been happening in the Den lately, as well as what to look forward to later in the week.

Normal operations are back in full swing, Full comics are still planned to debut every Sunday.  The last of which you can see Here in case you missed it.  Also I’m aiming for an evening time stamp…since I’m just getting up in the afternoon anyways.

Be prepared, there are some changes coming to the Den shortly.  Wither these will be good or bad is mainly up to you.  There are posts coming everyday for the next couple days so be sure to look out for those.

Also, I posted about a new series of comics that I have just begun to produce.  These feature Masked heroes and Caped Crusaders, and are filed under the title, “The Masked Meanderings of Lex and Leroy” Yesterdays post outlined a little bit of what this means as well as gave an example.  However, stay tuned tomorrow for a more in-depth look.

I’m going to be working hard over the next few days on some hardcore content, For sure another About… page as well as maybe a comprehensive gallery to make my artwork more accessible.

Be sure to check back in for more info later in the week

~Kurtis the Red

(Here’s looking at you, Kid…no not you, ah screw it)


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