Masked Meanderings…a New Project…

This post is a follow up to another that I had posted before my hiatus.  You can read that posting here, if you want to catch up.  Even though, I didn’t get any feedback from my readers, a few of you liked the attached photo…so I decided to go ahead with the plan.

What I came up with is another series titled, ‘The Masked Meanderings of Lex and Leroy”.  In this series, Lex, Leroy, and the other cast of characters will be taking on the roles of already established super heroes and heroins.  You have already  seen Lex masquerading as Batman in the above link. Also, you can see Leroy as Spider-man in the post ‘Summer Slump’, which you can see here.  In addition to Batman and Spider-Man, I’ve drawn another super character you all might be familiar with.  I adapted the one and only, Man of Steel, into a doodle from the Lex and Leroy brand of comics.  Which you can see accompanying this posting. Be sure to let me know what you think below.

For those of you who prefer my other brands of comics, don’t be alarmed…this third avenue for comics will in no way diminish my time with my other series. ‘The Collegiate Exploits of Lex and Leroy’ will still be my main series, with the natural flow interrupted by a few ‘Animated Adventures’ and now, this new series called ‘Masked Meandering’.  If there are those of you out there that still want to know more, there is a post coming later this week that will explain the three series in greater detail.  There I will be shedding some light on the ‘Masked Meanderings’ as well as the ‘Animated Adventures’ and ‘Collegiate Exploits.

However, For now let me know what you think about the new direction in the comments section below.  Do you like Super heroes? What’s your favorite hero/heroin? favorite Super power you’d love to have? That comments section below is for you.  And feel free to ask me questions as well, just don’t ask me which of my series I like best…that will be a tough one for sure.

And as always, be sure to Like and Subscribe as well…

~Kurtis the Red

(#WhatReallyGrindsMyGears: Having a Medieval Literature lesson interrupted by a students interpretation of werewolves, which was taken from the twilight books.  What?!)


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