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It wasn’t until recently did I realize exactly how long I’ve been drawing.  I never realized exactly how many hours, perhaps days or even weeks I have dedicated to what I considered a hobby.  It’s mind-boggling.

While there is a more detailed and slightly less interesting version of this story, the to-the-point version is that I began to put my comics into storage.  Having digitized many of them, there was now no reason for them to simply sit in a folder on my desk.  I found a three ring binder, bought some sheet protectors and set about the task of putting them away in my library.

However, until that point, I really didn’t realize how many drawings I have compiled over the years.  In just comics, I had twenty-two complete series.  When thinking that each of them had 6 frames each, the amount of ink starts to get rather daunting.  Plus, this isn’t counting the many individual single frames, nor the countless doodles on my assignments from college, nor does it count the 2 composition notebooks I have filled with both Lex and Leroy themed drawings and otherwise.

What I realized, is that, without even noticing, I have crunched hours and hours into something that I have always considered as a hobby. So what does this mean? Well either I have an addictive personality, doomed to procrastinate and draw for the rest of my life; Or I can carve out a career in this existence in the world of cartoons…which is a long shot to say the least.

In either case, it doesn’t seem likely that I’m going to stop drawing my cartoons anytime soon.  Wither this fact stands as a good or bad omen, well that remains to be seen.  Still, I’ll probably be drawing Leroy and Lex till I’m old and grey…see below.

~Kurtis the Red

(To give this post fiscal influence, the purchase cost of sheet protectors landed me just under $100.00.  This was just for the comics…)


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