Blog Update: Week of Sept. 26th

Hello Everyone!

So far so good on Operation Comeback, I’ve been posting regularly, I’m adding content, as well as working/finishing projects off-screen as well. Today, I’ll go over what’s been happening in the Den since last week as well as making some announcements about what’s coming next week.

As was the short-lived tradition, I have once again started posting full comic strips on Sundays.  These will more than likely be posted in the evening of that day, since most of my readers seem to be nighthawks anyways.  To see last Sunday’s post, which was titled “CannonBall”; Click Here.

Furthermore, an awesome drawing was published to the Den this week.  The drawing was featuring an old school video game hero, MegaMan.  Maybe it was the fact that it was posted in the early afternoon, or perhaps that it was a Tuesday; but views were down, when I thought the artwork was premier.  Anyways, I think the drawing is worth a second (or perhaps third) glance. To see that piece of work; Click Here.

Now, it’s time for some announcements.  I’m happy to say that a new Character Biography page is now live in the Den.  This page is dedicated to a couple unknown little Doodles named Lewis and Leon.  Be sure to check them out by holding your curser over ‘About the Characters…’ then selecting ‘About Lewis and Leon…’ from the dropdown menu.  Or, you can just Click Here.

Coming up later in the week, I will be trying to revisit Friday Night Free Writes. However, my thought process might not be as scandalous as the past iterations of the themed day.  I’ve been trying to cut back on my aged, creative-thought-inducing liquid of the gods.  I think I’m going through withdrawal a bit.  In any case, be sure to check back later for that.

~Kurtis the Red

(As always, Like, Comment, and Subscribe away…I couldn’t think of anything witty to say…really, nothing…drawing a complete blank…god I need a drink)



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