Back to Normal…or as Normal as I can get it…Probably…

If I remember correctly, every weekend I was going to post another full sized comic to the Den.  So, in an effort to get things back to normal around here…that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Right now, I’m picking up right where I left off in the digitizing of my past comics to the blog.  Each week, I will feature a new comic in the Dean, each being posted with a little introduction and whatnot to promote them. Hopefully, all of you out there in digi-land will be happy with this regular posting of content.  It’s a little stressful for me at times, but I believe that the more you post, the more traffic a blog will eventually generate (*crosses fingers*  Here’s hoping for some traffic).

As you’ll find below, there is yet another entry into the comic series of “The Collegiate Exploits of Lex and Leroy”.  This comic is titled, “Cannon Ball” for obvious reasons.  The comic was originally published in The Michigan Times as part of the weekly strip.

I truly hope you all enjoy this post, as it is one of my favorites.  With the posting of this comic, we pass into a section of comics I did for the Holidays while working at the paper.  So look for those in the future.

As Always be sure to Like, Comment or Subscribe if the mood takes you.  Every view/like, is a boost to my moral that is always appreciated. 🙂

~Kurtis the Red

(At times, I believe I’ll just turn out to be another bum who lost his talents and fortune to booze…at those times I pour myself a taller glass.)


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