It’s been so long, I have a feeling they changed it…

Let me start things off here by saying, I’ve been away for a while; and when I say a while, I mean a long while.  So long, in fact, it seems like forever.

I know what following I had, however small, when I started is long gone and things aren’t likely to improve.  But…there’s something drawing me back.

Maybe it’s an inherent need to be seen, or heard.  Maybe it’s the search for a pastime or a platform from which to procrastinate from.  Whichever the reason, I see the icon on my browser history, and the bookmark near my address bar and I can’t help but click it.

So here in lies the test.  If I have indeed caught the Blog-bug again, you will see a new Blog Update within the next couple days.  If not, then this will simply have been an itch that needed to be scratched, and having done so, you will see no more from me.

In either case, feel free to take a look back at my history.  There’s a lot of good stuff in here, comics, free writes, short stories…I did get a little addicted there for a moment.  As I wrap up this little post, I’m reminded of why I started to blog in the first place, the simple joy of writing.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by, and as always, you’ll find one of my signiture drawings below.  This particular piece is one of my absolute favorites.  Thanks again and remember, even if you’re just visiting for the first time or have been here before; like, comment, and subscribe away.

~Kurtis the Red

(It has indeed been a long time, in some ways, much longer than it needs to have been.)



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