About the Comics…

When I originally thought about making a bio page explaining each one of the comics, I thought that the pages would be simple, and effective at explaining the content of the comics.  Then the viewers could know what expect out of each series of comics, and if they so chose, research and anticipate more comics that appealed to them.  But as things usually turn out with me, things are harder than they appear.

Trying to pin down something as ever changing and dynamic as a comic strip series is like trying to bottle fireflies.  While the past-time might look alluring at first, there is a certain trick to actually capturing the little lantern bugs.  Plus, even if you do accomplish the feat, should you have done so in the first place?  Aren’t fireflies supposed to be enjoyed in the wild?

Well, that’s my mindset right now.  Even as I set out to try to define each comic book series, should I be doing so in the first place?  To clamp a definition onto something like this is setting rules and establishing guidelines to something where, before there was only free expression.  The collegiate exploits are something of an enigma.  Even as their creator, I sometimes don’t fully understand what makes them funny or relevant to the college student.  Many times, they bring themselves into being by my own misfortunes that befall myself.

Maybe this is all a bit self-serving, an attempt to talk myself out of something that has proven to be more difficult than originally thought.  I have been doing that an awful lot lately.  Maybe I should just bite the bullet so to speak, go sit down in the Den and write till I drift off to sleep.

I mean look at this, I just started writing and I already have almost a full page.  Maybe that’s just what I needed, to test the waters before jumping in so to speak.  You know what, I’ll go pour myself a glass and get comfortable.  I’ll bring my laptop with me this time.

~Kurtis the Red

(That is after I figure out what I’m going to pout myself a glass of…so many choices)


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