Blog Update: Week of May 14th

Well this week has been a good one.  Besides making a couple things more clear in my personal life, I’ve made a couple good strides with this blog as well.  I can happily report that subscriber base is booming as well as views having grown back to the highs they were when I originally started.  Hopefully over this next week, I can break some of my own records.  But beside me boasting, this posting simply will be a recap of this last week as well as what readers can look forward to this week.

Over the last week, I have tried to come up with a more regulated period in which to post my content.  I’ve noticed that my backlogged comics are quickly diminishing and there have been other signs as well that I’ve been posting too rapidly.  So, in this effort, I’ve come up with two specific days in which to post specific content.

Friday Nights will be dedicated to a Free Write.  This will be an attempt to both boost my writing skill as well as force myself to write straight through without interruptions. This is also good for you guys and gals out there, because more than likely on a Friday Night, alcohol will be involved, which we all know makes things more interesting.  More on this day can be found Here.  Secondly, Sunday will be the dedicated day for a full comic strip to be posted.  This will be a fitting end to the week and will afford me time to prepare a fitting posting.  To see last week’s / Yesterday’s comic follow the link found Here.

Besides Blog formatting, I’ve also made strides in different and exciting directions with the comics themselves.  This last Thursday saw the premier of a new format for the comics to be presented in.  These will be longer, more involved, and each having a dedicated title page.  My first example can be found Here:  I also published a brand new idea for a potential new series of comics, which I went into more detail Here.

Be sure to let me know what you think of both in the comments below each.

This next week I will be dedicated to adding significantly more content to the Den itself.  As many of you know, the ‘About the Characters’ page as well as ‘About Lex and Leroy’, and the ‘About Linda and Levi’ pages are able to be viewed as of this posting.  However, there are still more to be published, so this next week I will try to get up another bio page for either the characters or the comics section.

However, don’t worry…I will in addition to the page, I will be adding regular content each day as usual, with the addition of more short stories and fiction pieces in between my comics.  There were a lot of you that liked the last one, and even something a little more poetic like ‘Chalk Dust’ which can be found Here.  In any case, be sure to check back with the Den when you get a chance.  One thing I will be working on is a new signature/logo to be applied to the blog.  I’m sure I will be asking for your feedback over the next week.

~Kurtis the Red

(If you haven’t noticed, I’ve figured out how to add links to a blog post…I’ve grown quite fond of that feature.)



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