Friday Night Free Write: Ramblings

I thought a long time about what the topic of this particular free write should be.  And you know what, I could never decide on a specific one…so as Friday is almost over and I have yet to write. I’m just going to start and see where things go.  Hopefully, inspiration strikes before I start rambling on and on for too long of a post.

Well, nothing yet…hopefully those of you who visit my blog enjoy reading basically nothing for a little while.  Well, I am indulging something new here.  I don’t know if I’m going to try this again however…not without a specific topic in mind.

However, it is strange…this blogging thing.  I’m getting concerned over it more and more as the weeks progress.  I’m always checking my stats page, making mental notes of what topics are viewed the most, what tags get the most traffic.  I’ve tried to see when the most people view my blog to get a round-about posting time.  But that graph is all over the place.

Since starting this blog, I have posted on just about everything.  Each time including a bit of my artwork which, is what this blog was to be centered around.  I know I haven’t had much in the terms of feedback.  But I think just by my subscriber base growing, it seems that people are at least interested.  Enough by my drawings to come to my site, look around and figure out that this is a blog worth following.  Then again I may be blowing the whole following thing out of the water.I have no idea what the blogging community is about.  I haven’t the slightest inclination as to the etiquette or the social norms that have been erected around this community of bloggers.  What does a ‘like’ mean? When you follow someone, do you find his or her site intriguing or just following them because they followed your blog?  Many of these questions still linger on near the forefront of my brain.

But somewhere among the continued use of this blog, I’ve become more than slightly attached.  Take this posting for example.  I planned this.  I sat down and thought about how to increase interest in my blog beyond the simple fact of posting my artwork.  I thought about what would be interesting what you be worth viewing, and maybe just something simply to be used as practice for my writing.  Then, even after I came up with the idea, I committed to it.  I planned out the introduction to the day, I thought about the post all day, I spent a lot of time in retrospect to this blog.

What does this mean?  Obviously there are more important things I should be doing.  This blog may or may not turn in to something worthwhile, but never should I expect it to be something to become a career, as a blog poster.  This is a hobby. And should remain so, however I seem to be devoting an awful lot of time to a simple hobby like this one.  That logic can even be directed back to my cartooning.  The chances of me coming into a career as a cartoonist is slim to none.  But still I devote hours, entire days to completing a comic, I carry around my drawings and my composite notebook so in the spare chance I can ask someone’s opinion or an idea comes to my head I have the tools in which to take the opportunity.

So is this a hobby? Everything points to this being a hobby, but I simply enjoy this past time way too much.  If only in the future I could turn this into something that puts bread on the table, my life would be complete.  But I know deep down that that is not something that can be accomplished easily.  I know the odds, and I’ve even read numerous coming of age stories of great artists accomplishing the very thing that I’ve mentioned.

In truth, I don’t know what to do, and I’m afraid over the course of my ramblings I carted off track.  Well, I guess that should happen.  Maybe the next time I do this, I should be drunk…then if I drift off-course I can just blame the alcohol.

~Kurtis the Red

(Thanks for reading, now to the booze…I’m not trying to be funny, just imagine the sound of a bottle opening and you get the idea)

Hand drawn – Pen


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