Rainy Days and Football Plays…

            I recently found this old story I had once written, caught between the pages of an English book I had my first years of college.  The only reason I found it was when I gave it to a friend of mine.  I sat down to read it, and I don’t even remember writing it.  But I thought it was good, from so long ago too.

            Well, if you feel like reading something from my earlier, less educated days, then the rest is down below.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a pretty picture to keep you all interested this time. So my readers, you’ll just have to settle for the mesmerizing allure of my words that echo through the channels of time.

As always, comment, share and like away…you know what I’m pretty sure I get those three mixed up every time.

~Kurtis the Red

‘Rainy days and Football Plays’

            I like a challenge.  The act of going up against something that is greater than yourself, the epic battle to test your limits.  I liked those moments…those brief moments before you clashed against the other side; not knowing if you will prevail or be vanquished by your foe.  Sports were a great example of a challenge, especially football, my favorite.

I saw my breath rise up in a white cloud before me, my teammates on my left and right were also panting heavily in the cold. I adjusted the flags around my waist and stepped up to the line.  A sort of silence fell over the two teams in the middle of the field.  “Go” I said, snapping the ball, dropping back. I scanned the field and saw an open teammate down the sideline.  Cocking my arm back and throwing the football hoping for pay dirt.  The throw wasn’t the best, the catch wasn’t either, but the result was the same and a few yards were earned.  It was when I was trotting up the line to run the next play, that I felt the first drop of rain.  My heart sank.

Within minutes the field was being pored down upon and the players were running for shelter, the rain pelting down on them from the heavens.  I too sought refuge within my car for shelter and watched the ever-increasing rain pour down.  I took off the flags that were bunching up in my car seat and set them beside me.  Even though the rain dampened the spirits of my fellow flag-football players, I remembered a time when the cool rain was welcome.

Hot under all the padding they made us wear, the rain sometimes cooled the back of our necks on those hot Friday Nights.  Playing football for the Brown City Green Devils was perhaps one of the more exhilarating challenges I’ve faced. I went back to a night much like it was as I sat in my car.  As the game started, I felt that same exhilaration, that same sense of a challenge as I stared across the line at my opponent. That brief moment before the first snap, ready to unleash everything you had at that one person, so that they knew that you meant business.  Soon after the first quarter, the sky opened up and began to pour down upon us, although it did nothing to dampen our spirits.  The night wore on…and many times did the unknown warrior across from me fight to get past me…many times did we clash together, matching wits and strength, and I looked across at him as the rain pelted my helmet.  We both knew neither of us would budge, that’s what made it so exhilarating.  We played through the rain.  I remembered feeling the heat roll from under my pads after the game had ended, seeing the steam rise up from the huddle, all my teammates…happy and sad at the same time; happy to have had such a challenge, sad that it was over.  I remembered feeling tired and exhilarated at the same time, testing my limits and pushing them farther.

Years later, I felt empowered as I sat in my car to avoid the rain.  “It’s just rain!” I called to my teammates as I ran outside.  I grabbed the ball ready to play some football. Little did I know that no one would join me, I would continue to be drenched in cold rain while everyone stayed in their warm cars.  What they didn’t know was that I didn’t care.  What they didn’t know was that I was warmed from the inside, my heart wrapped around by happy thoughts of rainy days and football plays.


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