Where to go Next…

Over the past few weeks, this blog has become more of a project than I originally thought it would be.  When I started out, I thought this would be just another space to post my comics and every so often a post full of repressed anger and angst.  However, as the three week mark has been passed I’m becoming more and more addicted to this hobby.

I’m actually starting to have viewers, subscribers, and with a growing library of posts. I have some content in which to present, some in the works and some coming very soon, of which I’m very exited.  I have pages of character information and bio’s, comics dating back to when I first started out, and lots of new ideas in which to experiment with.

However, even though this blog has grown so much, there is still unexplored waters to forge through.  So the question becomes, where to go from here.  That, is the question I would to ask you, the viewer.  For those of you who do peruse this blog every so often,  What would you like to see?  I realize that my blog is mine to create and mold, but fan feedback can give me ideas that I would have never though of, directions I would have never traveled.  I could post the greatest blogs in the world in my point of view, but those could mean little to nothing to those who aren’t interested.

The space below is for you. Comment about things that would like to see, about things that you don’t like about the blog so far, and even things you would like to see in the future.  Or if you just want to say hey that’s okay too.

~Kurtis the Red

(Someone once asked me, ‘how many roads does a man walk down before he admits he’s lost’. My answer: every single one, because A. you’ll find the road eventually and B. you might learn something along the way.)


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