Back to the Basics…

It’s high time to be posting another full comic to this blog.  With the update to the Linda and Levi page, see last post, I feel comfortable enough to post Linda’s guest spot comics.  These comics use took me a long time to complete, for the simple reason that there was more to draw within them.  I was drawing 3 characters instead of 2.

Below is another entry into the series of “The Collegiate Exploits of Lex and Leroy”.  This particular piece is simply titled, “Linda’s introduction”.  The comic was originally published in The Michigan Times as a part of the weekly strip.  This specific comic was the first to feature the character of Linda. See her bio page: Here

Enjoy, and as always like, share, comment away. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

~Kurtis the Red

(Oh, you say you can’t do anything without it being on Youtube within the hour. Please, please tell me how your life is so hard because you’re famous.)



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