There and Back Again…

Well, I definitely don’t know where to begin.  This past week has been different.  I’ve found myself in a limbo between stages of my life with no direction in which to orient myself with.  As I grew more and more stagnant, I also grew more and more depressed.  In any case, I started to neglect a lot of things, blogging being a member of such.  I’m beginning the climb back out again, and hopefully the world is the same as it was a week ago when I cut myself off from it.

However, a plus to all this is that I have a lot of new content in which to post to this blog.  Drawing and cartooning is one of my more calming activities, so when I am more emotional than usual, I draw.

I’ve mentioned before in a earlier post, that I was embroiled with an idea for quite a while.  Now, with all the extra time on my hands, I have finished not one, but two comics in this new format; the first of which you will see very soon, the second of which will be along a littler further on.

However, for those of you out there that enjoys my blog, don’t be too bummed.  Below is a sneak peak at the second comic to hold you over till its premier. The comic is to be titled ‘Angry Dragon’.

~Kurtis the Red

(Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.)

-Albert Einstein

(I get out of bed everyday, over and over again, and expect something different.  So I guess I’m insane.)


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