It’s a funny word tradition.  That singular word is the cause of so many great things, and a lot not so great things, in our world today.  A tradition can inspire respect, or a tradition could be habitual disrespect toward an opposing group.  Traditions can be sacred; they can be secretive to a select group of people, or even forgotten for hundreds of years.  Traditions can even be so well known, that people have forgotten why or how they started.

Traditions are set everyday, from the routines of getting our coffee, to wearing a suit to work, or even standing the right way the elevator.  Traditions and rules permeate our lives to a point where we don’t even realize them.  Try standing the opposite way in the elevator one of these days and you’ll see what I mean.

This was the mind set that I was in as the final days of my semester came to a close.  Granted this mind set was caused by stress, malnutrition, and an overall lack of adequate sleep, but in any case I was feeling nostalgic.  I thought back to how I was at the end of last year, compared and contrasted my likeness, just as I did on the 4 exams I completed that week. How had I changed, how was I different? I would like think I changed, but one thing that didn’t was the tradition that is held at the last day of school at my college.  While not going into too much detail, this ‘holiday’ has been observed ever since I started here.  This Tradition, and memories of it, eventually led to the thought of why we do the things we do, especially towards traditions.

What do you think? Traditions can be serious or funny, well-voiced and over-practiced.   What are your favorite traditions? They could be fun traditions, holiday ones, or even something you do every summer when that first warm day rolls around.

Look forward to your likes, shares and comments

~Kurtis the Red

(Look even Leroy is a man of tradition…I say his playoff beard is coming in nicely.)



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