An Update on the Blog so far…

I hope that all of you people out there in the blog-sphere are having a good day so far.  I just wanted to post this to give those of you out there that read my blog an update to my cartoons. (And shout out about crossing the ten post mark.  This is much more addicting than I would have thought.)

As many of you have seen, I’m in the middle of digitizing my published comics as well as other snip-its of my artwork over the course of this blog.  Over the last week, I’ve published three full comics a couple single-frames, as well as two free-writes.  So if you have the time, check those out while you’re here.

Besides the past, I’m still working on the future.  I plan to continue my postings of my published comics, however I’m still working on new content as we speak…or at least while you read this.  I put the finishing touches on the final frame for my latest comic.  I choose to do a longer comic, this one lasting 8 frames instead of my usual 6.  So now I enter into the digital phase of the comic, scanning the images and touching up any stray lines in Photoshop.

It’s easy to say that I’m super excited for this comic coming up.  The content is super funny (at least to me) and this could be a new format that I stick to from now on.  Stay tuned for future updates and look for this comic in the future.

Remember to check out my past posts, and comment, like and share away.

~Kurtis the Red

(So some of you don’t get bored, here is another pretty picture I’ve drawn.  🙂  Enjoy!)


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