That ‘WTF happened’ moment…

Know what time it is? Comic time!  That’s right it’s now time for another full comic to be displayed in the Den.  No matter what happens I plan to continue to blog and complete my challenge of blogging every day.  It got difficult there for a minute but sometimes you just need to shrug, drink, and move on.

Below is another entry into the series of “The Collegiate Exploits of Lex and Leroy”.  This comic strip is titled, “Phone Addiction” for obvious reasons.  It was once again, originally published in The Michigan Times­ and was my third entry.  As you can see more elements are becoming normalized as I continue my career as a cartoonist at the paper.

Ever feel like you phone is attached at the hip…Maybe we need to go to technology rehab.

Enjoy, and as always like, share, comment away.

~Kurtis the Red

(When your first thought when you wake up in the morning is, “Where the **** am I”…Night out on the town = Mission Accomplished.)


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