Escape Artist…

Have you ever felt the need to escape?  To turn away from life for a while, to run, to flee, to simply disappear for a moment?  For me, I have wanted to escape ever since I was little.  Growing up amid Saturday morning cartoons, animated Disney movies, Dr. Seuss and Video games, I’ve always seen this world as somewhat of a less magical place than others.  I came to this realization at an early age, and the urge to escape was forever set in my mind.  So together with my young, eager brain, I set out to find a way to out of this world and become a master escape artist.

Just as all masters start out, I started with simple tasks. I escaped to worlds full of young adventurers seeking riches, or solving mysteries, or even traveling to the very edges of space.  I saw evil stepmothers, was rescued by knights in shinning armor and battled dragons.  With practice, I soon became skilled at escaping into more complex worlds with more intricate situations.  I even tried creating my own worlds to inhabit, to explore.  I began to envision them more and more clearly, as they steadily took shape in my mind.

However, I soon realized that I had accomplished as much as I could alone.  As I entered my later years, I sought out a master to enter an apprenticeship and learn the craft of escaping in much greater detail.  I found teachers, masters, all of them more than willing to show me their tricks and methods.  Soon I became adept at escaping into the most fantastic worlds and creating characters more complex than ever.  However, I also came close to losing myself to the worlds I created.  I would shrug off this world where came from, I made stupid decisions and forgot some of the rules that govern this world.  Some of the mistakes I’ve made will stay with me forever.

Today, I must tread carefully to not loose myself in the worlds I create.  My skill at escaping continues to grow, even as I grow.  Sadly, I must stay rooted in this world of ours, the freedom of my youth is all but almost gone.  However all is not lost.  I may not yet have the title of Master escape Artist, but I’ve gotten pretty good.  I now have enough skill to bring you with me, avid reader.  Together, we can escape to the worlds that surround us.  I can even show you the wonders of the worlds I’ve created, the characters I’ve befriended and raised from a simple thought bubble.  If you have the urge, the need to escape, continue reading, and the pages will open up the world to you.

~Kurtis the Red

(Escaping this world is as easy as opening a book.)


One thought on “Escape Artist…

  1. Interesting read. I’ve felt the need to escape too. Many times, in fact.

    What I find a little funny is that just last night it occurred to me that my life has been one big exercise of escapism!

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