Didn’t see that one coming…

Well, starting off this posting was different.  Deep down, I urged to scream obscenities and rage with a vengeance.  But even with the various kinds of alcohol coursing through my system, I’ve kept a surprisingly clear head.  Things haven’t been going perfectly in my world; in fact it’s been a challenge to keep them from falling apart entirely.

However, no matter how my situation goes, it’s not fair to those around me to burden them with a moment of overindulgence.  Yes, things aren’t perfect, but can you really expect them to be all the time?  I’ve hit a rough patch that’s all, and even though everything seems to have gone wrong today, I do have one thing to cheer me up.  That is writing this blog post and thinking about cartoons.

Tonight, I’m going to continue my reckless path down the streets lined with booze.  However, tomorrow (after the hangover) the work to fix this situation starts.  Ugh, I’ve got some work ahead of me.

~Kurtis the Red

(Ever felt like screaming your head off? Do it! You’ll feel a lot better and you can laugh at all the ‘you’re-crazy’ stares that get thrown your way)


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