Distracted would be putting it mildly…

I tell you what, writing this post would have been much easier if I wasn’t sleep deprived and ready to pass out due to exams looming in my future or lying defeated in my past.  Before this post I must have written about two or three that simply didn’t make sense.  Each started out as a free write, but soon each lost track of the line of thought I was trying to achieve.  As a result, the piece became so muddled and hard to decipher that posting it to the internet wasn’t the best course of action.  There was even one post, where I’m convinced I fell asleep while writing it.  I didn’t remember writing many of those lines.

In any case, I promised myself that I would post a blog posting everyday for a month.  Just long enough for the habit to truly sink in and long enough to get a sense of the work that goes into keeping an up-to-date blog.  With my past experiences with blogging…well, let’s just say that blogging was a tool I used to vent and lament about my situation at the time.  Not the most interesting reading to 90% of the internet population, and since these posts were a product of circumstance, the posting interval was erratic to say the least.

Environmental setbacks aside, I find that staying concentrated on a piece of writing is becoming more and more difficult.  Between Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, Pandora and other social internet hubs, I find I’m flipping between tabs and windows so much I’m amazed I can keep things straight.  See there, just checked the FB and my twitter feed, not much happening in either right now (Lame).

So here’s my question to those of you out there. Do you ever feel like you’re getting distracted during your writing process? Or even more simply what’s your word processor of choice?  Enjoy, and feel free to comment, like, or simply just say, “Hey!”

~Kurtis the Red

(Saying I was turning over a new leaf would be an understatement, I’m planting an entirely new tree, full of leaves)



2 thoughts on “Distracted would be putting it mildly…

  1. My interest level varies – sometimes I just can’t think of anything but the writing. I happen to be going through a phase right now when I can’t keep my focus. I have a piece I really want to write well, and have done by Sunday, but I quickly lose my concentration when I sit down to work on it.

    When I’m like that, I sometimes make the decision to just let it go – my blog will be there for me whether I post once a day or once a month. In fact, many of the my favorite bloggers only post once a week or less. If my post is more time-sensitive, I make myself buckle down. Maybe I could do a better overall job if I felt more like writing, but it’s a good exercise to force myself to do the work. We’ll see what happens this Sunday…

    • I feel you on wanting to get it right. I just look around the room and I can’t tell you how many balled up pieces of paper there are. But then again, their not particularly failures, just different ways to make a different picture. lol
      Lately gotten into the habit of closing everything else except Word when I write, and everything except Pandora when I draw. I’m hoping it will help focus with less distractions, but then again, I can get just as easily distracted by staring at the wall for a good 5 minutes.
      Good luck on the piece,

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