The First of Many…

So, as many of you have probably guessed this isn’t my first rodeo.  I’ve tried other blogging sites in the past, one that really didn’t fit my liking and another that is likely to be shut down in the near future.  So in a not so subtle way, I’m jumping ship.  As a result, I craved a new outlet for my blog and a new platform from which to blog from.  This eventually brought me to WordPress.  Years ago, when I was starting out I was drawn in by the simplicity and ease of use of other blog sites, but now that I’ve got my big-boy britches on, lets give this one a try.

As with my other blogs, this site will be used primarily to promote and expose my comics and artwork. The first of which you can see below. For the past year or so, I have been employed as a cartoonist by The Michigan Times, a collegiate newspaper on theUniversityofMichigan’sFlintcampus.  Ever since starting I’ve wanted to digitize and import them to the internet for everyone to see, comment, and perhaps even further my fan base. However with my schedule the way it was, that course of action was improbably.   Now that things have settled, in a sense, it seems that vision is becoming reality and I couldn’t be more excited.

This particular comic is titled, “Introductions are in Order” and is from the series “The Collegiate Exploits of Lex and Leroy”.  Now please take in mind, this was my first offering as a professional cartoonist and many things have changed over the months.  But I believe at starting at the beginning.

Please feel free to comment, like, or share this posting with your friends.  Also, each comic will be interceded with a more traditional blog piece and more than likely will be accompanied by a different type of artwork or cartoon.  This will give me a chance to show other projects I’ve been working on as well as past pieces I’m particularly proud of.

Now, enjoy and if you like what you see comment away.

~Kurtis the Red

(If time is relative, aren’t deadlines relative?)



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