Deciding what to bring with me…

So far, everything is going well…with the blog that is.  I’ve gotten everything basically the way I like it, and although there is still much to learn about this new soapbox I’m hopeful for the future.

For this post, I will give you an example of what comes every so often instead of a post with a comic attached.  In these posts, things will be more of a free write.  Things may turn out to be more of a journal entry, exploration of an idea I had, response to a piece of art or music,  or a bunch of random words I’ve thrown together to make the page seem longer:  super downward major rhetorical mindset frustrations. *don’t try to understand that, even I don’t know*

Some of these, especially towards the beginning, will be re-postings of past blogs I’ve left or have been shut down (see Trying Something New…).  However, many of these posts are time sensitive and are no longer relevant or my perspective has changed.  So I pose the question to myself, what do I want to bring with me to this new space?  I suppose the answer to that question will solve itself over the next couple weeks.

However along with these posts, as I explained in my previous postings,  will be examples of my other projects.  Art and drawings that weren’t meant to be viewed in a comic form, single frames I call them.  To give you a sense of what that means here is a single frame I’m particularly proud of.  Below you will find Leroy, and this is one of a musical series I’ve featured him in. More to come later.

Enjoy and If you like what you see, follow, like, or comment to give feedback.  All feedback is useful feedback.

~Kurtis the Red

(This is the point where I try to be funny…apparently not working so well)


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